Executive World Billing, Inc

Executive World Billing was established in January 2009 with a sole interest in improving healthcare through integrated systems via EHR and medical billing.


In the past decade, our team has been improving physician practices

and large medical groups by helping create and train in EHR template creation and implementation, as well as streamlining eligibility, medical billing and collections. Our staff is certified, well trained and constantly monitored to insure that the needs of our clients are met accordingly.


EWB provides the most comprehensive medical billing and collection services that will assist your practice with the fundamental tools needed to

maximize revenue. Our goal is to create a billing curriculum that will ensure flawless billing and collections, allowing you to access a fast and constant cash flow. Our firm will take your medical practice to an elite level through research and development by analyzing financial reports, insurance contracting, and adjusting to the latest changes in the medical industry.

At EWB, our success depends solely on your success. Through analysis of a variety of financial reports, we review the revenue generated within your business and allow you to gain unappreciated visibility into your day to day practice. Our provider relations department will review your current contracts and obtain new contracts to maximize the efficiency of your practice

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